Rental Exit Bond Treatments

Ozzie Pest Control services most major rental agencies and is recommended for treatments when you decide to move out of your rental home.

If you have had pets living with you, you are usually required to carry out a full internal and external flea treatment to eliminate any fleas and provide protection for the next tenants who move into the premises.

You should check with your property manager about the type of treatment required as there is different rules between different real estate agents.

Some companies only offer internal treatments, however both internal and external areas must be treated to provide thorough protection against these biting insect pests.

Fleas are difficult to eradicate at the best of times, so if you are vacating your property ensure that you have the best possible treatment done to ensure your bond refund and to avoid ongoing treatment costs.

So when you are on the move, Call Ozzie Pest Control to carry out your rental exit treatment.

Rental Exists Treatments Special

Please note – Building must be cleaned and have no furniture to qualify for discount.

When vacating a rental property, let us help you minimise any unwanted stress.

Ozzie Pest Control are your preferred Pest Control providers for Rental Tenants/Bond exits.

Single service for Cockroaches or Fleas from $120 and Full service cockroaches and fleas for $170.

Please feel free to contact us on 07 3288 8012. Our friendly staff will assist you with any enquiries, or bookings.

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Vacating Bond Cockroach & Flea treatment starting from $120 - Ring Now (07)3288 8012